Which Credit Cards Offer the Best Travel Points for Trips to Australia

If you regularly visit Australia, you should get a credit card that offer rewards points that you can use for discount for your trip. The following are a few credit cards that offer the best travel points in Australia.

1. Virgin Money Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card
The card rewards cardholders with 1 point per dollar spent for the first $10,000 you spent and 0.5 points per dollar afterwards. You need 7,800 points which is equivalent to spending $7,800 on the card to exchange for a Virgin Australia Syd-Mel air ticket. The points will never expire and you can redeem them through Velocity. The maximum amount of points you can earn is 30,000 bonus points. You only have to pay half the annual fee in the first year. The card can also be used for balance transfer as it offers 0% APR for the first 6 months.

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2. American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card
The card allows you to earn unlimited 1 point per dollar spent. You can redeem the Syd-Mel flight ticket once you have spent $7,800. You can earn 3 points per dollar spent for supermarket categories and 2 points per dollar spent at petrol station. Other types of purchases like insurance, and telecommunications will qualify you to earn 0.5 points per dollar spent. The points that you have accumulated on the card can be transferred to 8 different airline programs. It offers a complimentary domestic return flight ticket to a list of random destinations every year. The card has an expensive annual fee of $195.

3. HSBC Platinum Qantas Credit Card
The card allows you to earn one point on every dollar spent for up to $2,500 and afterwards you will earn 0.5 points per dollar. You must spend a minimum of $8.000 to redeem the Syd-Mel flight ticket. You can redeem the points you earn through the Qantas Frequent Flyer program. It offers 55 interest free days for purchases and 6 months intro period for balance transfers. Those who apply for the card before the 31st August 2016 will get to earn 40,000 Qantas points.

4. ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Card
This is an American Express and Visa companion card that allows you to earn points from the ANZ Rewards program. The card is for people who frequently travel to Australia. It offers a complimentary Virgin Australia return flight ticket for those who have spent $500 on the card within 3 months. You are entitled to receive 2 Virgin Australia lounge passes every year up until the time when the card is terminated. It does not charge any foreign transaction fee. The annual fee for the card is $225 which is quite expensive.

What is the Difference Between Visa and MasterCard

Many credit cards that are available in the market are either Visa or MasterCard. You may be wondering what are the differences between Visa and MasterCard since they look just the same. Visa card is accepted at 200 countries worldwide while MasterCard is accepted at 210 countries around the world. Most merchants will accept both Visa and MasterCard for the purchases. It is very rare than a merchant will accept one card brand and not the other.

You must understand that neither Visa nor MasterCard is a company that issues credit cards. Rather, it is the credit card companies and banks that issue their own collection of Visa or MasterCard. The features of the credit cards are determined by the credit card company that issue them. Both brands of credit cards offers free car insurance, and protection against fraud transactions.

One of the differences is that Visa card offers 2 levels of benefits while MasterCard offers three levels of benefits. Visa base level cards include benefits such as auto insurance coverage, extended warranties, and unauthorized charges on credit cards. Visa signature cards offers discounts for selected shopping categories and it comes with a 24/7 concierge service that you can use for getting anything that you don’t have time done.

MasterCard base package also come with the same perks included in Visa base such as collision insurance and fraud transaction charges coverage. One thing that MasterCard offer that visa card don’t is the price protection. MasterCard base level credit cards promises to cover the difference if the price of the product you purchase drops within a period of 60 days. Even though visa card itself does not offer price protection, some credit card companies included this feature themselves to encourage people to sign up.

MasterCard World card offers additional features such as personal travel adviser that works like a travel concierge.
It offers 120 days price protection and free upgrades for your hotel accommodations when you travel overseas. MasterCard World Elite allows you to enjoy discounts at selected car rental companies, cruises and airlines.

Generally, the differences between MasterCard and Visa cards are not important. What matters most is the interest rate and perks that are included in the card. The perks are often in the form of cash back and rewards points. Many cards also offer sign up bonuses that can reward you with a substantial amount of rewards point when you spend the minimum amount. There are a few major credit card companies including Chase, and Bank of America. It is important that you always make use of the online credit card search engines and read credit card reviews articles to compare between different cards. In this way, you will be able to sign up for the right card that benefit you most.

When Do Credit Cards Report Your Late Payments on Your Credit Report

It depends on your credit card company regarding when they will report your late payment to the credit bureau. Some credit card companies will report your late payment even if you are less than 30 days late while others will submit a report to the credit bureau when you are 60 days late.

If the credit card company report late payment that is 60 days late, it means that you won’t suffer any impact if you are 30 days late. This issue is up to the discretion of the credit card company since they will be looking into many factors. For example, they will take a look at your payment history prior to making the decision to inform the credit bureau.

Late payment for at least 30 days can cost you at least 60 points.
You must keep in mind that you are considered 60 days late if you make the payment anywhere in between 31 – 60 days late. Usually, the credit card company will report a late payment when no payment is made on the next due date. It is very rare that a credit card company will report a late payment just after the due date is passed for example 2 – 3 weeks after the first due date.

You should always let your credit card company know if you are facing a difficult situation that prevents you from being able to clear the payment promptly. Your credit card issue may be understanding and help you arrange for an easier repayment plan if you contact them about your financial difficulties. If you are only late in making payment once or twice, your credit score will not suffer serious impacts.

If you are regularly late in making payment, your credit score can take a big hit. This is because the credit card issuer will see this as a red flag that you are an unreliable borrower. Besides, you will also have to face with many other extra fees such a late fee and increased interest rates. Paying late is the reason why many people have decided to neglect their accounts and stop making repayment so that their debts get reported to the debt collection agency. If you get reported to the debt collection agency, the record will stay on your credit report for 7 years.

Therefore, it is important that you keep the spending level to only 25 – 20% of the credit line. You should try to use cash to pay for most of your items and only use your credit cards when necessary. If you spend a lot of money on your credit card, it can be harder to repay the outstanding debt so it is the best practice to keep it to a minimum spending.

Why Consumers Love Discover Credit Cards for Cash Back

Discover It credit card is very popular among consumers who want to have the chance of earning cash back when they spend money with their credit cards. The main benefit of using the Discover It card is that it is offering up to 5% cash back bonus on quarterly categories. The quarterly categories will rotate from time to time. For example, you can earn 5% cash back on Amazon purchases in between the period of October to December.

If you make a purchase outside of the quarterly categories, you will get to earn 1% cash back bonus. The 1% cash back bonus will apply is an unlimited cash back bonus which means that you still earn the cash back even after your spending exceed $1,500.

Discover It will also double the amount of cash back you earn during the first 12 months.
For example, if you earn $150 in the first 12 months, you will get $150 credited into your account in the next year. You will get the exact amount of cash back depending on how much money you have spent on the card.

The best thing about Discover It is that it does not charge any annual fee. However, if you want to use the card for balance transfer, you have to pay 3% of the transferred amount. You won’t get charged with any late payment fee if you miss payment for the first time. But, if you miss payment for the second time, you will b charged with a $35 fee. It also does not have any foreign transaction fee so you don’t have to pay extra if you use the card to do your shopping when traveling overseas.

You can earn a cash back bonus of between 15% – 20% if you use your Discover It card to shop at the ShopDiscover online shopping portal. There are more than 200 online retailers listed at the ShopDiscover portal. Some of the popular online retailers at ShopDiscover are Walmart. There are plenty of travel deals in this portal that you can sign up to get qualified for cash back rewards.

You have the option of redeeming the cash back rewards by exchanging with cash or use your points to exchange for a partner gift card. If you choose to redeem the partner gift card, you may be able to double the amount of cash back rewards that you receive. The partner gift card is eligible to be used at a variety of online retailers such as Macy’s. If you want, you can donate the cash back rewards you earn to a charity

Discover It card’s rewards program has loose requirements compared to other cards. For example, the minimum redemption requirement for the partner gift card is $20. There is no minimum amount requirement if you use your cash back rewards points to redeem a statement credit.

Is the New Costco Visa from Citigroup the Best Credit Card Deal in 2016

Costco Visa credit card does not have any annual fee charges but you have to sign up for their paid memberships. Costco Visa allows you to earn 4% cash back on the gas you purchase worldwide at Costco store for up to $7,000 in the first year. After that, you will earn 1% cash back on the gas purchases. The 4% rewards bonus is not applicable if you purchase the gas at other supermarket stores and wholesale stores.

You will get to earn 3% cash back when you use the card to shop at a restaurant in another country during your trave
l. The card let you earn 2% rewards when you shop at the local Costco stores or online Costco store. You will get a 1% cash back on other types of purchases.

Besides, the card also offer free car rental and travel accident insurance. The card offers purchase protection in case you are not satisfied with the product you purchase and wants a refund. You will have to contact the credit card company on your faulty purchase within a period of 120 days. If you are living in New York, you must call the credit card company and tell them you want a refund within 90 days.

They will send you a cash back coupon that is equivalent to the value of the rewards points you have accumulated. You will receive this coupon in the month of February every year. The coupon can be used to purchases any product at the Costco supermarket. If you don’t want to use the coupon to exchange for products, you can ask the representative at the Costco customer service desk to give you cash for the voucher. It is also possible to redeem the partial value of the voucher in cash at the cash register at Costco.

If you already have an American Express Costco card, there is no need to apply for the card because they will send you the new Citi card. You can expect to receive the new card in May of 2016. In the meantime, you can continue to use your American Express card until the 19th of June. You will be able to start using the new Citi card on the 20th of June. The cash back rewards that you have earned from the American Express card will automatically be transferred to the Citi card.

The Costco Anywhere Visa credit card is much better compared to the American Express Costco card. In the American Express Costco card, you only get 3% bonus rewards for the first $4,000 you spend and only 2% rewards on your traveling expenses and the restaurant you dine within the USA. The Costco Anywhere allows you earn an additional 1% in the rewards compared to the American Express Costco card.

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