Is the Chase Slates Still the Best Balance Transfer Credit Card for 2017

Chase Slate is a popular balance transfer card for many people who owe a lot of credit card debts because of the long zero percent intro APR period that expires in 15 months. The 15 months intro APR period can save you a lot of money on interest fees while you are industriously paying back your credit card debt. For example, if you owe $7,500 on your credit card and the interest fee is 20%, which means you have to pay back $150 in interest every month. If you get your balance transferred to Chase Slate, you no longer have to pay back the $150 interest every month.

You have 60 days to transfer your credit card debt to the Chase Slate card in order to take advantage of the $0 balance fee. If you forget to transfer the balance in 60 days, you will have to pay a 5% fee on the balance that you transfer. There is a limit on how much you can transfer on the Chase Slate balance transfer card. Basically, you can’t transfer more than $15,000 onto the Chase Slate balance transfer card. Besides, you are not allowed to transfer debt you borrow from the Chase bank.

When you login into your Chase Slate account, you will get access to the Blueprint program for planning your debt. With the Blueprint program, you will be able to track your repayment. It has a statistic program called Track It that allows you to track the spending history and trends. Chase Slate card comes with several perks such as price protection, purchase protection and extended warranty.

The Chase Slate balance transfer credit card can be used for paying your credit card debts as well as other types of debts such as medical fees that you owe, and utility bills. If you don’t want to get charged with interest, you must be disciplined and make plans on how you can pay back all the debts that you transfer in full before the 15 months period expire. The variable APR that the credit card company will charge you following the 15 months is in the range of 13.24% -23.24%.

The price protection allows you to get refund of the difference if the seller lower the price of the same item you bought in 90 days. The price protection only offer protection for item that has a value of up to $500. The maximum cap for the price protection is up to $2,400 annually.

The purchase protection offers a coverage of up to $500 per item and not exceed more than $50,000 per account. With the purchase protection, you get refund in case the items you purchase is damaged and did not arrive at your address safely. The extended warranty extends the warranty protection of the item you purchase by three more years.

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