The 3 Best Credit Cards for Free Hotel Stays

Getting a hotel credit card can help you to save money on accommodation if you frequently make itinerary trips. The hotel credit card helps you to earn points during your stay at a participating hotel. The points you earn can be redeemed for free nights. The following are the 3 best credit cards that give cardholders free hotel stays.

1. World of Hyatt Credit Card
World of Hyatt credit card offers 40,000 sign up bonus for customers who spend $2,000 within 3 months from account opening. They will credit your account with another 20,000 bonus points if you spend $6,000 in 3 months. Every 5,000 points you accumulate can be exchanged with one free night. World of Hyatt credit card has $95 annual fee. It has no foreign transaction fee.

With your Hyatt Visa, you can earn 4x bonus points while shopping at any Hyatt hotel. The card offers 2x bonus point on dining, car rental, and airfare. The 1 bonus point per dollar spent applies to all other purchases. Cardholders automatically get upgraded to Discoverist elite status which features perks such as free room upgrades and in-room internet. Card holders are entitled to at least 1 free night evey year.

2. Starwoods Preferred Guest Credit Card
Starwoods Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express will give customers 25,000 Starpoints for spending $3,000 within the first 3 months. Every dollar spent at a SPG/Marriott hotel will earn you 6x point. All other expenses charge onto the card will earn you 2x points. The card has zero foreign transaction fee. The annual fee in the first year is waived but you must pay $95 afterward.

Starwoods Preferred Guest Credit Card comes with many perks, for example, 1 free night on account anniversary, unlimited Wi-Fi at Boingo hotspots, free in-room WI-Fi access. Spending $30,000 per year will earn you a Gold Elite status. In next year, members can start earning credits for 15 nights which is enough for earning you a next Elite status. .

3. Hilton Honors Aspire Card

Hilton Honors Aspire Card offers 100,000 Hilton Honors points when you have spent $4,000 within 3 months from account opening. You can earn 14x Hilton Honors bonus points when you shop at a participating Hilton hotel. The card provides 7x Hilton Honors bonus points for ticket booked through or ticket booked directly at the airline website.

Renting a car with selected car rental agencies and restaurant purchases can earn you 7x Hilton Honors bonus points. Some of the perks that the Hilton Honors Aspire card offer are free one weekend night, $250 statement credit, and $250 airline fee credit. You can earn one additional night if you spend $60K in a calendar year.

How to Shop for Balance Transfer Promotions to Maximize Savings

The internet has so many balance transfer card offers and you may be confused as to which one to pick. Every balance transfer card has different terms including intro promo length, fees and etc. There are several things to consider when you are looking for a balance transfer card that can help you to save the most money.

You must first calculate how long it will take you to pay off your debt. Then, you can start shopping for a balance transfer card that has a suitable length of 0% intro promo. There are balance transfer cards with 0% intro promo that lasts from 6 – 21 months. Cards with long intro promo requires perfect credit score.

Therefore, prior to applying, you should first request for a free credit report from the credit bureau to check your credit score. It gives you the opportunity to review the credit report for error and raise your credit score a bit. You can try to get preapproved for 3 – 4 balance transfer cards and then choose the one with the longest intro promo.

Besides, you also have to consider the fees that it charge including balance transfer, penalty fee and etc. You will come across some cards that waive the balance transfer fee. Usually, the balance transfer fee is waived on condition that you transfer the balance within a specified time frame, for example, first 60 – 90 days.

You can call the credit card company and confirm with the representative all the details concerning the length of the intro promo and waiving of the balance transfer fee. As a reminder, you should note down the expiry date of the intro promo. In this way, you can make plans according to your budget to pay off the debt by the end of the intro promo.

You must apply a balance transfer card issued by another credit card company and not with the same credit card company that issue your high interest credit card. The reason is that many credit card companies don’t allow the transferring of debt to a balance transfer card that they issue.

You have to consider how much is the minimum payment of the balance transfer card. The minimum payment may be higher than the minimum payment that you are currently paying on your high interest credit card. You must make sure that you can afford the minimum payment. It will be best if you can put all your spare money in paying off the balance so that you can clear up the credit card debt faster. You must take care never to fall behind on payment otherwise the 0% intro promo offer will be forfeited.

Tips To Better Understand How Advance Loan Fees Work

If you are dealing with massive debt and are having difficulty finding a loan when you need one, you may be tempted by some loans you find online. Any ad or website that will guarantee a loan, credit card approval or any other type of financial product without seeing your credit report, and an application, is likely a scam. Many people who have been turned down by banks for loans due to poor credit history often fall victim to this type of scam out of sheer desperation to find a loan. This is especially true if the lender requires an advance fee when applying for the loan product or the credit cards. These are known as advance-fee loan scams, and sadly are all to commonplace online these days.

Thankfully these scams are easy to spot, when you know what red flags to look for that is. Here are some red flags to look out for, if you see any of these red flags, run for the hills.

Lenders who do not care about your credit score or your credit history.
No lender in the world with the exception of a payday lender will not care about your credit history and credit score. If an advertisement states that bad credit is no problem, or that they do not care about your past credit mistakes, or that you deserve a loan no matter what, chances are very high, if not guaranteed a scam. Lenders lend money or provide financial services in order to make money, and lenders do not make money loaning money to borrowers who will never pay them back. That is the purpose of a credit report and your credit score, to let the lender know how responsible you are with your credit, and how likely it is that you will repay your debts. No legitimate lender in the world is ever going to just hand you over money without looking into your credit history.

Advance fees.
Any lender that claims you have been approved for a loan, yet calls or emails you stating that they need you to pay a processing fee or any other type of fee before they disperse the funds to you is a clear sign to walk away. If you pay them this fee the only thing that will happen is you will be out of the money you forwarded to the “lender”. Fees to borrow money are commonplace, but the difference between a legitimate lender and a scam one is that the legitimate lenders fees will be paid back during repayment of the loan, never up front.

Lenders that claim they will not check your credit history.
This is also a huge red flag. You should walk away very quickly if one of these lenders claims they will not check your credit history, yet ask for personal information such as your social security number and banking information. Often times they will use that information to debit your bank account or steal your identity.

Loans by phone.
If a lender offers you a loan over the phone yet asks for an advance fee over the phone, before the funds from the loan are dispersed to you, it is illegal. It is illegal for lenders in the U.S to offer loans or credit cards over the phone then ask you to pay for the credit product before they have delivered it.

Address is a PO box
Legitimate lenders will always provide a physical address. If they give you a PO box for an address, this is a sure fire warning sign of a scam. Also make sure to check the addresses of any references that the lender provides to you. Always check the lenders address with a phone book or directory assistance to make sure that the address provided to you matches.

Not registered in your state.
All lenders and loan brokers are required by law to register in any state that they are doing business in. To verify that they are registered, simply call your state attorney general’s office and/or your state’s Department of Banking or Financial Regulation. This will help you by filtering out scam artists.

A lender who asks you to wire money or pay an individual directly
Real lenders will never ever ask you to make a payment to a specific person. True payments will be made directly to the financial institution that lent you the funds. Legitimate lenders also do not require you to use a wire transfer service, real lenders will take checks or debit your bank account.

One last piece of advice. Just because you see an ad in a legitimate place does not mean the ad itself is legitimate. Crooks will use any medium to reach you. Crooks also work hard to appear to be the real thing, so by all means do your homework before committing to any loan or financial product, you just may very well save yourself from heartache and financial ruin.

Bonus Credit Cards From Citibank, Which Offer Has The Longest 0% Offer

Citibank offers three low-interest APR credit cards that have long zero percent intro promo that lasts for more than one year. These cards from Citibank are suitable for consolidating your credit card debts or finance a big purchase. With a zero percent intro promo of more than 1 year, it gives you sufficient time for you to pay off your debt. You need a credit score in between 690 – 850 to get approved for the Citi credit card. The following are the top 3 low-interest credit cards from Citibank that offers the longest zero percent intro promo.

1. Citi Diamond Preferred

Citi Diamond Preferred offers the longest 0% intro promo that lasts for 21 months for purchases and balance transfers. At the end of the 21 months, you get charged with a variable APR that ranges from 13.99% – 23.99%. The balance fee of $5 applies when you make a balance transfer. Citi Price Rewind allows you to receive refunds of up to $500 per item and up to a limit of $2,500 per year if you can find a lower price for the item from other online stores in 60 days. It offers $0 liability coverage for unauthorized purchases and you don’t pay any annual fee.

2. Citi Simplicity

Citi Simplicity also offers 21 months 0% intro promo during which you will not be charged with interest fee for purchases and balance transfers. After 21 months period, the variable APR of 14.99% – 24.99% will apply. Citi Simplicity card holders who are late in making payments by charging a late fee or penalty APR. This makes the card suitable for those who plan to use the card to finance a large purchase. Citi Simplicity does not offer any rewards program or signup bonus for customers. It offers a number of perks such as Citi Price Rewind, and car rental insurance. Even with no late and penalty APR, you should always pay on time by the deadline as it can wreck a lot of APR interests if you don’t.

3. Citi Thank You Preferred Rewards Credit Card
Citi Thank You Preferred Rewards credit card offers 15 months zero percent intro promo on both purchases and balance transfers. After the 15 months period, you will get charged with a variable APR in the range of 14.49% – 24.49%. It gives you opportunities to earn 3x points on gas and 2x points on restaurant and entertainment. Purchases that qualify for the 2x points include movie, amusement parks, zoo, video rental, and subscription to Netflix. All other purchases will earn you 1x point. Every 2,500 points that you accumulate can be redeemed for $25. You can transfer the points to True Blue Points.

3 Ways To Consolidate Credit Card Debts Before The Holidays

The upcoming holiday season is the best time for you to do your shopping when lots of discount sale will take place. You want to clear off all your credit card debts before the holiday season so that your credit card can have more room for you to do your shopping and a nice bump to your credit scores. There are a few options available for consumers, we identified the top 3 main ways that you can use to consolidate your credit card debts including balance transfer cards, unsecured personal loans, and home equity loans.

1. Balance Transfer Card
Balance transfer cards allows you to transfer your existing credit card debts and pay them off without being charged any interest fee. Normally, if you roll your credit card balance from month to month, you have to pay interest fees. This makes it hard for you to clear off your credit card debt when you don’t have enough income to do so. There are many balance transfer cards and you need to look for one that offer a zero percent intro period that is long enough for you to clear off all your balance. This is because you will have to pay the normal APR interest when the zero percent intro period ends. The zero percent intro period usually last from 12 – 21 months. You need at least a good or excellent credit score to get a balance transfer card with long zero percent intro period.

2. Unsecured Personal Loans
You can also take out an unsecured personal loan with a lower interest to consolidate your existing credit card debts. It is easy to obtain unsecured personal loans online from P2P platforms and online lenders. Many online personal loans have fixed interest rate so you make the same monthly payment every month. The fixed payment period let you know when your debts can be fully cleared if you promptly make repayment every month. The interest rates is not the only fee you pay and you should look out for other fees like origination fees. If you have excellent credit, you will be able to get a personal loan for debt consolidation at the lowest rates.

3. Home Equity Loan

Home equity loans are another option for those who are seeking to consolidate their credit card debts. With home equity, you are borrowing against the market value of your home. The downside of getting a home equity loan is that you need to use your house or car as a security deposit. If you neglect to keep up with payment, they will repossess the property that you use as the security deposit. Home equity loans have repayment term of up to 10 years or more. Since home equity is a secured loan, it is easier to take out that loan and you don’t need to have a good credit for it.

Can You Use Points from Your Credit Card to Buy Things from Amazon

There are a number of credit cards that allow you to use the accumulated points to pay for your purchases at Amazon. One such credit card is the credit card issued by Amazon called Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card. The accumulated points in Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card can be used to pay for the entire or partial amount of your Amazon purchases.

Every 100 points that you have collected on the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card is equivalent to $1. During checkout, you can select a number of points that you want to redeem. After the points have been applied to the order, you will be able to see the discounted total. The points can be used to pay for any physical goods purchased on Amazon. It cannot be used to purchase items like e-books from Amazon Kindle, digital music, videos, apps and items at AmazonFresh or pre-order an item that is not yet available for sale on Amazon.

If you don’t want to spend your points on Amazon, you can exchange them for a number of rewards such as cash, check, gift card and discount on travel purchases. Amazon Rewards Visa Signature credit card allows you to earn 2x points on selected categories including gas, dining, pharmacy and office supply. All other purchases that are made on the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature credit card can earn you 1x point. When you first sign up for the card, you will receive a $40 gift card as a sign up bonus. In addition, you can redeem a $25 gift certificate when you have spent a minimum of $833.

There are a few American Express credit cards that offer a membership rewards program that allows cardholders to accumulate points that are usable for paying your shopping expenses at Amazon. Each point that you have accumulated via the American Express membership rewards program is worth about 0.7 cents when you want to spend it at Amazon online store.

Some credit cards issued by Citibank offer the Citi ThankYou Rewards program that allows cardholders to earn points that can be used to redeem for 0.80 cents on each point. There are several credit cards issued by Discover that allow you to use the points to redeem discount from Amazon purchases. Each point is worth $1 in eligible Discover credit cards on Amazon.

Before you can use your points on Amazon shopping, you must first add your credit card. If the card that you add allows you to use the points on Amazon, you will see the points appearing on the checkout page as a payment option. If you don’t have enough points, you can use your credit card to pay the remaining balance.

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Travel Credit Cards that are Offering Sign Up Bonuses To Consider For Summer Traveling 2017

Lots of travel rewards credit cards offers sign up bonuses for customers who meet the requirement of spending a few thousands dollars within a certain period. The following are a few travel credit cards currently offering sign up bonuses in 2017.

1. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is offering 50,000 points sign up bonus when you spend a minimum of $4,000 within a period of 90 days. The 50,000 points can be redeemed for airfare or hotel voucher worth $625. It is worth $500 if you prefer to redeem it in cash. Chase Sapphire Preferred offers 2x points for spending on travel such as hotel accomodation, air fare and dining.

2. Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard
Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard offers 50,000 bonus miles for a minimum spending of $3,000 in $90 days. Every 10,000 bonus miles that is collected in the past 120 days is equivalent to $100 travel statement credit. So, the 50,000 sign up bonus miles can be exchanged for a statement credit worth $500. The bonus miles won’t expire and can be redeemed at any time. The card allows you to earn 2x bonus miles on all categories of purchases.

3. Mariott Rewards Premier Credit Card
Mariott Rewards Premier Credit Card rewards customers with 80,000 bonus points for a minimum spending of $3,000 in 3 months. You can claim an additional 7,500 bonus points after adding one authorized user to the card. Card holders are entitled to a free night stay at one of the hotels listed in the Category 1 – 5 hotel approved list on every anniversary of the account. You earn 5x points when you swipe your card at Mariott and SPG hotels. It offers 2x points when you use the card to purchase the air ticket, car rental, and restaurant.

4. Capital One Venture Card
Capital One Venture will credit 40,000 bonus miles into your account if your credit card statement for the first 3 months total up to $3,000. All purchases are qualified to earn 2x miles for each dollar that you spend. Another version is the Capital One VentureOne Rewards card with easier requirement to get to bonus miles. In Capital One VentureOne Rewards card, you will get 20,000 bonus miles for a minimum spending of $1,000.

5. Bank Americard Travel Rewards Card

Bank Americard Travel Rewards card comes with a 20,000 signup bonus miles with a minimum $1,000 purchases requirement in 90 days. Bank Americard Travel Rewards credit card is listed as the Best Travel Rewards credit card. With 20,000 bonus points, you can redeem a $200 statement credit. Customers with an active account with Bank of American can get an additional 10% discount on their purchases. You earn 1.5 points for per dollar spent on the card.

Which American Express Card Is Best Rated For Traveling To Europe

American Express is a credit card company well known for its high customer service standard. There are several Amex travel cards that come with great perks for customers who frequently travel to Europe. The following are the top 3 American Express travel rewards cards.

1. Platinum Delta Skymiles
Platinum Delta Skymiles is the best American Express travel card because it offers a lot of rewards and bonuses. Even though it has an expensive annual fee, the rewards and bonuses you earn will cover up the annual fee expenses. It offers 2x Skymiles everytime you buy your air ticket with Delta Airlines. When you spend a minimum of $1,000, you are eligible to earn 5,000 MQMs and 35,000 bonus miles.

If you manage to spend $25,000 in a year you will get rewarded with 10,000 MQMs, and 10,000 bonus miles. You will receive a companion certificate after you renew your card. The annual companion certificate offers a free seat on a domestic flight that is in economy class. The card’s annual fee is $195 and the balance transfer fee is 3%. Platinum Delta Skymiles card offers a 20% discount on in-flight expenses, and free checked baggage. Platinum Delta Skymiles does not have any foreign transaction fee.

2. Hilton Hhonors Card
You can apply Hilton Hhonors Card as a supplemental card to earn rewards points if you regularly stay at a Hilton hotels. It offers 6x Hhonors bonus points for per dollar spent on the Hilton hotels worldwide. To qualify for earning the 6x points, the Hilton hotel property must be in the approved list. The card will also offer rewards when you use it for everyday purchases such as grocery, drug stores and pumping gas. The rest of the purchases will be rewarded with 2 Hhonors bonus points.

The card provides a signup bonus of 40,000 Hilton Hhonors Bonus Points when you have spent a minimum of $1,000 within four months. Each point you earn is worth about $0.50. The advantage of Hilton Hhonors card is that it does not charge any annual fee. It automatically grant the card holders the Hhonors Silver status. Overall, Hilton Hhonors card offers long term values for customers.

3. Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card

Starwood Preferred Guest credit card rewards customers with 5x points when they stay at a SPG and 2x points if they stay at a Marriott Rewards hotels. The card also offer a basic 1x point when you use it on other purchases. The value of the reward point is 2.3 cents which is much higher compared to other card’s reward programs which usually only worth 1 cent per point.

The rewards points that your earn through the Starwood Preferred Guest credit card can be transferred to a frequent flier program. Doing so allows you to enjoy discount when you book your air ticket with one of the 30 airlines in the list. You will get a bonus 5,000 Starpoints for every 20,000 Starwood points that you earn.

Is the Chase Slates Still the Best Balance Transfer Credit Card for 2017

Chase Slate is a popular balance transfer card for many people who owe a lot of credit card debts because of the long zero percent intro APR period that expires in 15 months. The 15 months intro APR period can save you a lot of money on interest fees while you are industriously paying back your credit card debt. For example, if you owe $7,500 on your credit card and the interest fee is 20%, which means you have to pay back $150 in interest every month. If you get your balance transferred to Chase Slate, you no longer have to pay back the $150 interest every month.

You have 60 days to transfer your credit card debt to the Chase Slate card in order to take advantage of the $0 balance fee. If you forget to transfer the balance in 60 days, you will have to pay a 5% fee on the balance that you transfer. There is a limit on how much you can transfer on the Chase Slate balance transfer card. Basically, you can’t transfer more than $15,000 onto the Chase Slate balance transfer card. Besides, you are not allowed to transfer debt you borrow from the Chase bank.

When you login into your Chase Slate account, you will get access to the Blueprint program for planning your debt. With the Blueprint program, you will be able to track your repayment. It has a statistic program called Track It that allows you to track the spending history and trends. Chase Slate card comes with several perks such as price protection, purchase protection and extended warranty.

The Chase Slate balance transfer credit card can be used for paying your credit card debts as well as other types of debts such as medical fees that you owe, and utility bills. If you don’t want to get charged with interest, you must be disciplined and make plans on how you can pay back all the debts that you transfer in full before the 15 months period expire. The variable APR that the credit card company will charge you following the 15 months is in the range of 13.24% -23.24%.

The price protection allows you to get refund of the difference if the seller lower the price of the same item you bought in 90 days. The price protection only offer protection for item that has a value of up to $500. The maximum cap for the price protection is up to $2,400 annually.

The purchase protection offers a coverage of up to $500 per item and not exceed more than $50,000 per account. With the purchase protection, you get refund in case the items you purchase is damaged and did not arrive at your address safely. The extended warranty extends the warranty protection of the item you purchase by three more years.

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3 Credit Card Offers With Zero Percent for All of 2017 You Can Apply for Today

Zero percent credit cards means you don’t have to pay interest fees on purchases and balance transfers during a promotion period. This can help you save money as you will be paying lesser bill without the interest charges. There are several credit cards offering a long intro period that lasts until 2017 or even 2018 on both purchases and balance transfers. The following are the top 3 credit cards which you can apply to enjoy zero percent interest until 2017.

1. Citi Simplicity

Citi Simplicity is offering one of the longest 0% APR intro period that lasts for as long as 21 months for both purchases and balance transfers. This means that you will pay no interest on your credit card balance well into 2018. After the 21 months comes to an end, you will be assigned an APR rate that ranges in between 13.24% – 23.24% and the APR rate will be determined by your credit score. There is a 3% ($5) balance transfer fee. You can choose to pay your credit card bill at a due date that is in the early, middle or late in the month. You get to enjoy extended warranty on everything you purchase with the card and no liability to any unauthorized charges that occur on your account.

2. Citi Diamond Preferred

Citi Diamond Preferred also offers 0% APR for up to 21 months on both purchases and balance transfer. The variable APR rate that is charged onto your account at the end of the introductory period is lower compared to the previous card and ranges from 12.24% – 22.24%. You must pay a balance transfer fee of 3% ($5) everytime you transfer the balance. The advantage of this card is that you automatically become qualified for Citi Private Pass, which gives you free entrances to concerts, sports events and movie previews. It offers damage and theft purchase protection for up to 120 days in addition to the extended warranty and $0 liability on unauthorized charges. The card offers 24/7 personal concierge service to provide assistance on all kinds of needs.

3. Chase Slate

Chase Slate don’t requires you to pay any APR interest fee for the first 15 months. However, you will get charged with a variable interest rate of between 13.24% – 223.24% afterwards. You can save money on the balance transfer fee if you quickly have your balance transferred in the first 60 days. It does not have any annual fee or penalty APR rate. Chase Slate has been voted as the best card for balance transfer for 4 consecutive years at InnovativeFinance. The card offers fraud, purchase and price protection. It has an embedded chip that will automatically generate a one time code for you to give permission for the transaction to go through.

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